Create Professional Architectural Concrete Furniture with the Ultimate Trowel Finish GFRC Course

Discover the EXACT Strategies that Helped One of Our Clients Josh Save $29,000 and 5 Weeks on His Cafe Countertops!

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Ollie Stephens | Hungry Wolf Studio
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If we offered to teach you how to create Architectural Concrete Furniture that you could complete in just 2 days…


❌ Resorting to trial and error

❌ Wasting time on ineffective methods

❌ Doing it alone and feeling intimidated

Would you want to be a part of the movement?

Introducing The Ultimate Trowel Finish GFRC Course, designed for passionate individuals with a love for DIY projects and a desire to learn how to create architectural GRFC projects like a pro. 💯

Dive into self-paced, hands-on training, strategically targeting common challenges associated with concrete finishing.

Together, we'll unleash your creativity and elevate your projects to breathtaking masterpieces.

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From Mixing to Perfecting Trowel Finishes - Master the Craft in Just 2 Days

Here Is How

What This Course Will Teach You...

Each lesson in this course provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, covering constructing formwork, mixing, pouring, troweling and burnishing, sanding, and sealing. Experience the thrill of creating personalized architectural concrete pieces that will transform your home and captivate others.

How to Design and Build Molds

Learn how to design and build GFRC molds, empowering you to create stunning statement pieces that elevate your home decor. In just two days, you'll learn the secrets to crafting stunning statement pieces without the need for expensive designers or professionals. Take control of your home's aesthetic and create personalized masterpieces that will leave everyone in awe.

Value $497 AUD

Master Ollie's famous Trowel Finish Technique

Discover the art of achieving smooth, flawless surfaces that showcase the true beauty of architectural concrete. With expert guidance and hands-on practice, you'll master the art of creating smooth, polished finishes that will leave a lasting impression. From countertops to furniture, your architectural concrete creations will become the envy of all who see them.

Value $1297 AUD

Monetize Your New Skills

Transform your passion for architectural concrete into a lucrative business opportunity. This course provides you with the knowledge and expertise to monetize your skills and turn your love for creating into a thriving venture. Whether you choose to sell your unique creations or offer your services to clients, you'll have the tools to establish yourself as a sought-after expert.

Value $997 AUD


How to Construct the Formwork

Learn the step-by-step process of constructing the formwork, the foundation for your concrete pieces. Discover different formwork techniques, materials, and considerations to create custom molds that bring your unique designs to life.

From understanding formwork design principles to mastering practical construction methods, you'll gain the skills to create molds that perfectly capture your creative vision.


How to Mix GFRC

Dive into the art of mixing GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete), a versatile and durable material that opens up a world of possibilities for your architectural concrete creations.

Understand the correct ratios and techniques for achieving the ideal GFRC mixture consistency, ensuring optimal strength and workability. From selecting quality ingredients to understanding mixing procedures, you'll gain the expertise to create GFRC mixtures that deliver exceptional results.


How to Pour Concrete

Master the art of pouring concrete into the prepared formwork, a critical step in bringing your designs to life. Learn the step-by-step process of achieving even pours, preventing common issues that can affect the final outcome.

From proper concrete placement techniques to effective curing methods, you'll gain insights and practical tips for ensuring successful pours that result in structurally sound and visually appealing architectural concrete pieces.


How to Trowel and Burnish

Learn the secrets of achieving smooth, polished finishes with the trowel and burnish techniques. Master the art of troweling, learning how to create consistent and flawless surfaces that showcase the elegance of architectural concrete.

Explore various troweling techniques, understand the importance of timing and pressure, and discover how to achieve desired textures and sheen. With expert guidance, you'll learn to bring out the true beauty of your concrete creations.


How to Sand Concrete

Discover the importance of sanding in refining and perfecting the surface of your concrete pieces. Learn how to use various sanding techniques and tools to achieve a flawless finish, eliminating imperfections and enhancing the overall appearance.

From selecting the right sandpaper grit to executing proper sanding motions, you'll gain the skills to take your architectural concrete creations to the next level of refinement and visual appeal.


How to Seal Concrete

Understand the significance of sealing your architectural concrete creations to ensure their longevity and protection. Explore different sealing methods and products that safeguard your pieces from stains, water damage, and external factors.

Learn about proper surface preparation, application techniques, and maintenance considerations to maximize the durability and beauty of your architectural concrete creations.

See How Josh saved $29,000+ and 6 weeks by taking
The Ultimate Trowel Finish GRFC Course

The Ultimate Trowel Finish GFRC Course

Gain access to the complete course that empowers you to design, build, and perfect jaw-dropping architectural concrete features. Learn the exact strategies and techniques that helped our client, Josh, save $29,000 and 5 weeks on his cafe countertops.

What You Get

  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access to The Ultimate GFRC Course, allowing you to revisit the material and refine your skills at your own pace.

  • Video Tutorials: Dive into a comprehensive library of video tutorials, guiding you through each step of the GFRC process, from mold creation to finishing techniques.

  • Access to the Wolf Pack Community: Join our exclusive Wolf Pack Community, where you can connect with fellow concrete enthusiasts, share your progress, and receive ongoing support from Ollie, Chris, and your peers.

  • CAD Design for the Fire Pit Table: Learn how to utilize CAD design to craft captivating fire pit tables that blend style and functionality seamlessly.

  • Mix Calculator: Gain access to a customized mix calculator to ensure precise and consistent concrete mixes for all your projects.

  • On-Going Support: Monthly FAQs videos to get your burning questions addressed with monthly FAQs sessions, ensuring you have continuous guidance throughout your GFRC journey.

Total value $9,947 AUD

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